A financial services consulting firm dedicated to partnering with clients on strategy, delivery, optimization, and solutions in public and private market operations.


Financial Services Consulting


To be the trusted partner for clients to achieve their aspirations and goals.


To tailor knowledge informed practical advice and services leveraging 30 plus years’ experience in public and private market operations.

How Can CFOR Assist?

In the recent past, clients, regulators, prospects, internal clients, boards of directors, and wirehouses have been demanding increased levels of operational professionalism, rigor, and delivery from all in the financial services industry. CFOR has the experience to partner with clients to better prepare and thrive given these continually evolving demands.

Ideal Partners to Leverage CFOR

Global Financial Services Firms
Asset Owners
College and University Endowments
Startup funds
Family Offices
Mature Fund Families
Private Investment Firms
Outsource Service Providers
Private Equity Firms

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