Staff Augmentation: Our Value Proposition

CFOR can partner with your organization to be an extension of your teams as a force multiplier. CFOR has access to a rich network of seasoned consultants which can cover day-to-day operations while your staff implements strategic initiatives or provide additional resources during high volume periods. Our seasoned network includes experienced resources from buy side operations, application software companies, middle office outsource providers and custodian banks.
If you require less seasoned consultants, our junior staff network comprises individuals with accountability, desire to learn, and reliability.  
Based on your needs and the experience level required, CFOR can partner with your firm to fill any resource gaps.



Policies, process flows and procedures.

For smaller firms, the CFOR Documentation Service can partner with clients to document and formalize procedures, process flows and policies. The documentation will conform to client specific formats and customs or CFOR can present industry best practices for documentation. Procedures to include but not limited to detailed desktop procedures utilized for training. For larger firms, CFOR can be an extension of your teams to document procedures, process flows and polices resulting from location strategy execution, integrating departments post a merger or a consolidation of bespoke documentation formats.  

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